• Hot Water Heaters

  • Banner Furnace & Fuel installs and repairs water heaters

    At Banner Furnace & Fuel, we do a lot more than just furnaces and air conditioners. We do water heaters too!

    Whether it’s fixing a heating element in an electric water heater, or hooking up a new natural gas water heater, we are Spokane’s most established and trusted resource for hot water. We fix and install electric and gas tank-style hot water heaters.

    Banner Furnace and Fuel offers fast, reliable service for all major brands of water heaters.

  • Buy a new water heater from Banner Furnace & Fuel

    When it comes to hot water for your home or office, we always recommend you don’t cut corners. Skip the big box stores and go with who you trust. When you buy a new water heater from Banner Furnace & Fuel, not only will you know exactly what you’re buying, but you’ll also know exactly who will show up at your doorstep to install it for you!