• Furnace & Air Conditioning Repair

  • Spokane's Top Furnace Repair Company

    For nearly 100 years, our mission at Banner Furnace and Fuel has been total home comfort. Whether it's keeping you toasty warm in the winter or comfortably cool in the summer, if you're happy we're happy. If that requires a repair on your home's heating or cooling system, our professional team of technicians is up to the task.

    We use only the most advanced tools and equipment available to get your furnace or air conditioning system up and running again. All of our HVAC technicians are trained, experienced and certified. And if they can't fix your existing system, they have the knowledge and experience to install a new one - if that's what it takes. They won't make unnecessary repairs or try to upsell you on products or services you don't need.

  • Preventative Maintenance Plans

    Furnaces and Boilers
    With decades of experience under our belt, Banner Furnace & Fuel is Spokane's first choice in furnace maintenance and repair. Whether it's a problem with your pilot light, a bad blower motor, or it just doesn't work, we can troubleshoot the issue and get it working in no time.

    • Gas furnaces
    • Propane furnaces
    • Electric forced air systems
    • Boilers

    Our specially trained and certified technicians can make the following repairs:

    • Clean burners
    • Clean pilot assemblies
    • Clean sensors
    • Clean and adjust igniters
    • Clean burner compartment
    • Check and lubricate motors and bearings
    • Check and adjust controls
    • Adjust burners for peak efficiency
    • Change air filters
    • Tighten all wiring connections
    • Check amp draw of motors
    • Check thermostat
    • Take combustion readings
    • Check heat exchangers
    • Check elements and sequences on electric furnaces
    • And more…

    Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps
    If you’re looking for an HVAC company to fix the air conditioning system at your home or workplace, Banner Furnace & Fuel should be first on your list. We’ve collected decades of experience fixing all brands, makes and models. Here are some of the more common repairs we make on a regular basis:

    • Change air filter
    • Check refrigerant charge
    • Lubricate motors and bearings
    • Check capacitor
    • Check and adjust controls
    • Check thermostat
    • Check coil and air flow
    • Clean condenser coil (outdoor)
    • Check temperature differential
    • Check amp draw of equipment
    • Check operational cycle
    • And more….


    Policy exclusions: The maintenance plan covers normal usage of your equipment. It does not protect against damage due to war or natural disasters such as lightning strikes, flood, freezing, or loss of power. The plan does not cover cleaning of the ductwork. The preventative maintenance plan becomes null and void if payments for services are not made in accordance with our regular credit terms.